Review of M.A. Ray’s Saga of Menyoral: Hard Luck

21 Apr

I want to make it clear that this isn’t a children’s book. I made that mistake when I first read the summary because the main character was a teenager. No, Hard Luck is definitely a magical tale for adults starting out from the beginning in what seems like the brutal and last day of tall, redheaded Dingus Xavier’s life. Automatically, I was drawn to this character and I wondered how he was going to survive. Was he suddenly going to go berserk and scare everyone? Maybe even get payback for all the damage they caused to him? No. He was saved by Sir Vandis who “happened” to come across the horrid event.

But with that said, I believe that Hard Luck is also for young adults and people everywhere who find themselves in very much similar circumstances of being bullied and being the outcast. Children are not as sheltered as they used to be and a life like Dingus’–different–is what most kids experience growing up today. I would recommend this book for any teenager or young adult to read because it is a very good story that is very similar to what a lot of young people are facing today from discrimination and bullying. And there should be more people like Sir Vandis who would step in to help someone in need.

I really love the fantasy world that M.A. Ray has built with a man who can fly, a teenager who is a berserker, elves, monks, knights, and magic that still remains in a world where magic once flourished but isn’t anymore. The characters are real and sometimes a bit gritty, but there are no sugar coating words or things in this novel. Hard Luck is a great novel that I would recommend to everyone who loves fantasy!

I give Hard Luck 5 out of 5 stars! YAY! ^_^

hard luck


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