What is Love? And How Does One Show It?

25 Apr

This was the question I posed to friends on Facebook. Here are some answers. It’s enlightening to know what other people’s beliefs of love is all about. Thank you to everyone for sharing the love! I love you guys and gals! ^_^


  • Brandon Varnell Love is when you want to make someone happy regardless of your own personal happiness. When making that special someone smile makes you smile.Different people show love differently. I like showing how much I love someone by being affectionate. I’ll hold her hand or have an around her shoulder or waist when we’re in public. At home I’ll pull her between my legs and wrap my arms around her tummy while we sit and watch movies. I’m a cuddler.

    But I also like doing other things to show someone I love them. Little things like complimenting her on her looks when she does something different, or when she wears that special brand of perfume because she knows I like it.

    It might be different for other people.

  • Alvin Cain Love is two people being as one. Everything is in sync. Good or bad you are there for the other person. Wanting to spend every minute of every day together. A text in the morning, a kiss goodnight. Saying I love you while you look in the other personsSee More
  • Eric KirkbrideLove is all you need. Its the air and the space in you and around you. Its not touchable or a physical force (unless you put actions in motion) its everything we are and more.
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  • Larry Acord Love is a feeling you know when you hear bell ringging or when your heart start raceing
  • Jo Newey I think you show it by being loyalty to that person 24 hours a day (so no talking smack), with small acts of putting them first (sometimes so small they don’t even notice… Like breaking food in half and giving them the “big half”) and putting work into keeping the relationship fun (doesn’t always happen by itself). And I think these things apply to all kinds of love, not just relationships
  • Darren Walker Showing it is easy if it is true. Knowing if someone else’s love is true is the hard part.
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  • L.m. Glenn imagine laying down your life for someone else. That is love.
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  • Will Cohen For me, love is simply knowing the person you’re with to such a degree that you don’t have to buy material things to show it. Just simple acts that you know the other person will appreciate on an emotional level.
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  • Viv Drewa Love is something that’s either part of you or not. Consideration, respect, Being a decent human being is the best way to show it. Now if you’re talking about the romantic love, it’s finding that someone who makes you feel whole. And you show it by reciprocating the feeling.
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  • L.m. Glenn listening, respecting, touching, yeah thats how ya show it I guess
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  • Em Ray Love is action, no matter what kind of love: putting the other person’s needs ahead of your own, whether in speech or in deed.
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  • Nir Zilberman Love is feeling lost in the feeling, not being rational and lose yourself in this pure feeling. There are many ways to show your love, from dinner with your loved one to being together at the beach, gave at each other’s eyes and just watch the stars…lose yourself in the feeling and the universe…
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  • Jaycelynn Freeman Love comes in many forms. And I, too, believe it is an action. Whether it is as small as making your love a cup of coffee or comforting a friend in need. Hope that helps.
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  • Heather Shafik Love is many things.. Patient, Kind, Forgiving, Loyal, Humbleness, Giving, Passionate, it’s compromise, Faithfulness.. Love is in all things, through good and bad. It’s in giving your heart and trusting them to hold and protect it.. Love is many things girl, this is to
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  • Ger Thao Love is more of a thing rather than an actual emotion. By this, I mean that love is when you can feel all of the other emotions in an equilibrium all at the same time. You do not feel love, you feel happy, sad, excited, nervous, shy, depressed, mad, and so on. When you feel all of the emotions all mixed together, that is love. You are loved. I’m not saying you can’t “feel” love, you can. But in reality, love is a form of yourself rather than an actual emotion. This is why soo many people explain it in such different ways. Nobody knows what “love” really feels like. It’s because it isn’t an emotion, but rather a thing. Kind of like a state of mind.How to know of it’s true love?
    Simple. You have to feel all of the emotions altogether. You feel happy, but are sad. You feel angry, but still pleased. To be able to find someone or something that can make you feel everything in an equilibrium, that is true love. One emotion must not overpower the other emotions, otherwise, things get complicated. And true love becomes twisted.That’s how I see it, anyway.
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  • Hope Hejji I’m glad that many people have tried to explain love. However, it’s much easier to feel love rather than to explain it. It takes a person’s whole life to understand the very true meaning of love, or not. As human, we’re very smart, but we’re not smart enough to define love yet. Some of love may be define, but there’s a lots more is mystery. I believe that if we’ve explain love, there will be even greater feeling beyond love; but the greatest will never come.
    1st Corinthians 13
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  • Luke Green Hard to say, I imagine that love is not quite an emotion. Emotions are more easily definable. I’d suppose it is a situation where your relationship with something is something you cannot do with out….
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  • Lidia Abanto Love have a big meaning. Sometimes we think that love just involve romantic actions in my opinions that not true. Love involves many elements such as respect, value, admiration, loyalty, patient and dedication.
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  • Chris Vang Love consist of two things. 1st when you feel like you can’t live without that other person. 2nd is having a sexual relationship. That’s how you keep the love going
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  • Dia Thao One never knows the meaning of true love until one loves a dog!
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  • Coleman Weeks love is tangible, but must be sensed with out heart, our soul. Love is loyal and it makes us brave. Love is caring and it gives the care we crave. Love is meaning or destiny you are yearning. Love is when we laugh or cry, love is the power and our reason why. It never demeans, bully, or rue, love is me and love is you. love is the mystery that you always know, love is the secret you always show.
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  • James McAllister Love is a word we use to describe our feelings for those who complete our being. Love is shown in many ways; a look, a touch, a gesture, a word, a commitment fulfilled, a promise, the combination of all of those and more.
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  • Jennifer Ponce I’m not sure. Saying “I love you” to my kid is different than saying “I love you” to a significant other, which is different than saying “I love you” to a friend or family member. To me. Plus, they are different within those categories. I may love my cousin, but not the same way I love my sister. I may love one kid differently than I love another. I may love one dating partner different than another and may love that same dating partner different throughout our relationship. I think it’s a mixture of emotional signals and biological/physical signals.How you show your love depends on how you define it. If it’s physical for you, you’ll show it differently than if it’s emotional and differently if it’s intellectual.I think it’s important to figure out how you show love and how you want to be shown love, whatever it looks like and figure out how other people think about it. If you think of love as physical and the person you like is physically affectionate, you might decide they love you too, when really they are physical because that’s just who they are or because it’s habit.
  • Larry Acord love is when you walk in to a room just see him setting there not saying a word you look at him and tell your self i love him more than any thing in this world when he look up at you you with a glow on his face then you no what true love is like i can not live with out him
  • Recardo Young Plato once remarked that love was a disease…it makes us act irrationally and insanely at times…but hey it can be a pleasant diagnosis I suppose.
  • Danail Pearson Love is, waiting up for them to get off work, just to tell them you’ve missed them, it’s rolling over in the morning and never wanting to be without that person ever again, it’s knowing that they would never hurt you, but would lay their life down for you in a second if they had to, it’s feeling butterflies in your stomach after the first kiss and every kiss there after, it’s someone you can talk to about anything and they will always have some advice, it’s knowing that you are their sun and they are your moon, it’s knowing that one day you will part ways, but that the trip to the end will be worth it more than anything else you have came across
  • Melinda Thompson Love is different for everyone and is shown in whatever way it is felt
  • Ricky Vaughn Its an internal pull towards someone, its how to you all their imperfections seemingly blend into the perfect person. It’s the feeling of never wanting to lose them, the desire to make and see them smile. It’s when your heart skips a beat when you kiss, the feeling that as long as you have them, no goal is to far. No star to high. They become the center of your universe and your just happy to be in their orbit. You show it thru simple gestures, from a mere box of candy to something that change the world for them.
  • Zachary Hogberg Love is hard to define because there are so many different kinds of love. Some people say they can never love anyone the way they have already loved another individual and that is true, but it’s not a comparison of who they love more because you can’t compare the two loves because they are not the same at all. Love is like magic or fate, we all think we are above it and then it hits us and we are complete and udder slaves to it. It’s not always a grand fairytale, though sometimes it can be, but it is the one force that can over power all of the other drives and desires of mankind, thus why it is invoked in any form of media or propoganda. Asking what is love is like asking what is the meaning of life. No two answers will be exactly the same. How does one show love? The answer to this is also complicated, but there are five basic ways or channels of communication which people use to attempt to show love. Verbal: Love is shown through words of affection and affirmation. Physical: Love is shown through physical gestures (of both sexual and non sexual varieties) such as hugs, kisses, massages, holding hands…. Material: Expensive gifts or materialistic things are given in order to prove how much one is willing to give up for another, sacrificing money and precious resources. Serving: Chores, projects, obligations, everyday tasking….are preformed by one to illustrate to another that they are worth hard work and time. A service by the individual brings joy to the server because they can see the joy, comfort, and security it brings the served. Basically taking care of the partner even when a task is sometimes strenuous or inconvenient to the server. Quality Time: This method is just spending time with one another no matter what the activities. It suggests that you truly care about being with the other person and that you care about getting to know each other as much as possible. Most of this is based off of my own experience and I welcome any corrections or comments.
  • Henry DarkLords Dinh It’s that poem I gave you beforehand.
  • Kathleen Jessie-Nevarez There are many levels of love. So to define love one would have to ask on what level do you speak of? As for showing love once again it varies on what type of love…IE I love pizza…there for I eat it LOL.
  • Jeremy Maloy Love is when someone shares space inside your heart. You show it in different ways, depending on the person. Take for instance, how I call you a goober!
  • Frater Theodbald I’m going to be a smarty-pants and link an interesting article that I like.

    Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism, complete love, or “mother’s/father’s love.” Each area of expertise has a certain way of describing unconditional love, but most will agree that it is that type…
  • Kirt A White I like the Wiipedia page on it. But the answer is in the question Love just is, It is a feeling and it is action. You feel love when you go on a date (Infatuation) you feel love when cuddling on the couch or playing with children ( affection).You show love love buy the actions you take with the different people in your life that you care for. Anticipating the needs of those you care for and executing them voluntarily is showing love. Making coffee for the rest of the house before they wake up, taking your moms grocery list and getting it for her while she is doing something else. These are ways we show love on a daily basis, it’s the little things that add up and reinforce the feelings.

    Love refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (“I love my mother”) to pleasure (“I loved that meal”). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.[1] It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, co…


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