Busy Days Ahead and Nerdvana

06 May

I’m managing two websites, four blogs, three Facebook accounts, ten emails, two Twitters, plus I’m trying to work on my fourth novel, finish reading the books on my current reading list, rework on an art project that I’m not happy with the results of, learn Russian, study Biological Sciences, and work all at the same time so I’ll be pretty busy and nearly nonexistent online except for the random checking of messages and emails and babbles.

Who wants to learn Russian with me? ^_^

I will be available from 8pm to 10pm (Eastern Standard Time), every day to learn and study Russian. I don’t have a webcam (my poor Fujitstu t4215 tablet laptop has two mics and no webcam), but, I can Facetime for anyone with IPods, IPads, and IPhones. I would love to have someone to study Russian with! I do know a few people who are Russian and who speak the language, but I want to be able to hold a halfway decent conversation first without mixing gender particles when I do speak to them. No more bad Google translate! *lol*

I’m actually learning languages from here:

It’s a totally free website (the only completely free and awesome website I’ve found through an app to help people learn multiple languages–it’s also available online just the same). There’s no catches, no fine print, none of that kind of mess which gets annoying. Knowledge should be free. So, come learn a language with me! (It’s also where I’m learning Japanese among some other languages I’m interested in. But, I need to focus on one language and fluently speak that before I continue onward. Languages are just so cool that I want to learn them all! ^_^)

I’m a big dork, if no one noticed the crazy penchant for wanting to learn languages. I already watch movies in various other languages (it would be great to not need English subtitles) and I already speak a different language (Hmong), so languages are just another favorite thing to add on to my list of Nerdom (which is not a real word according to Merriam-Webster, but that’s okay–as a writer and an author, I make up my own words! *lol*).

I will not be available for the duration of May 31, 2014 through June 8, 2014 because I will be on vacation in Texas to attend my first ever comic-con! I’m so excited about that! It was a last minute decision, so I’m not dressing up or anything, but I will thoroughly enjoy all the geekiness and take tons of pictures! I don’t know what anime or game or cartoon character(s) I’d like to see first! It’s unnerving because I will be extremely excited and happy to see any of them, so much that I’d probably melt into a puddle of goo on the ground! *lol* Ah, the craziness of days to come! ^_^

So now, I am on a quest to follow my new schedule with attentive OCDness so that I can configure time properly and meet all my goals of doing multiple things all in a very short duration repeatedly. Of course, real life does get in the way–like feeding chickens because I’m pretty much a country/farm girl who is able to kill and gut an animal (very handy for when the zombie apocalypse finally decides to kill us all with some strain of virus and then resurrect us by firing electrical impulses as a waste byproduct of consuming our flesh, which in turn, keeps our synapses alive and triggering our basic impulse of feeding so that the virus can be supplied with fresh meat to consume–or something like that). I’ve got a couple of zombie novels half-written, none of which happens to be the result of a virus although I’m sure there’s some scientific explanation bordering on reality in the whole tangent I threw out a moment ago.

All of that aside, I feel like I’m rushing to accomplish within a matter of months what people take many years and sometimes their whole lives, to accomplish doing. Why do I need to learn several different languages when I’m not going anywhere and I really won’t do anything with that knowledge? Or why am I studying Molecular Biology when I will never do anything that requires knowing the mechanics of life and how it works? Obviously, I’m not going to learn Russian in a month or Virology in that amount of time either given my super busy schedule. But, I choose to try and fit in all the things I love (like writing and reading and art on top of everything else) because I love them. And it makes me happy and excited in a dorky way to be able to spend some time doing the things I love.

So, I am off of here because before I can actually go to bed, I have an entity that needs a bit of a brain washing. And that is an entirely different speech. ^_^

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