Love Throughout the Ages

30 May

Many people believe in reincarnation. Some believe that love is the same throughout each lifetime, that we will love one person many times over and that never changes.

A long time ago, I had a friend who was obsessed with Gackt, the Japanese singer. She wanted me to listen to his songs and she told me everything that made him so completely awesome. One of those things was that he claimed to be born in 1540, which would make him 474 years old. Was he a vampire? Perhaps.

Yet, another of the things I was told about him was that he believed his love was born a bit later than him and he was looking for her. Although this story is very similar to the stories I’ve heard personally from many different people about their own love lives, I wonder how true it is and if lovers in past lives can remember one another in this one or in a future one. Although I cannot find half of the material online that used to be available a decade ago, many of the women in Gackt’s music videos are foreign and blond. This all fits a stereotype that his love is a foreigner and he rose to fame only to seek her out and bring her to him since he had no idea where to start looking for her. The music video below, Le Ciel, pictures a post-apocalyptic world with a lost child searching for something or someone.

For a Christian, I don’t believe in reincarnation. And even before I became a Christian, the idea was absurd. One life was enough. To repeat a life, even if it was a different life, over and over again was maddening in my opinion. I fought deja vu constantly and the reminder it brought that I was already living a life that I once lived, as if I messed up somehow along the way and must cycle it on repeat until I finally accomplish what was undone. But reincarnation is impossible–isn’t it?

For many people who experience a similar type of “reincarnated love memory” like Gackt who is desperately seeking his past love, how can you tell if that was the person you actually loved in a past life, the only love you will ever love in your many reincarnated lifetimes? Maybe it’s all beyond me.

Still, I wonder what it would be like to have a love so great that you would want that same love many lifetimes over. It must be kind of nice to love someone so much, that you’d want every lifetime with them.

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One response to “Love Throughout the Ages

  1. Max Baskin

    May 30, 2014 at 6:39 am

    Reincarnation is no more or less possible than any other sort of life beyond death. We won’t know until we die. Maybe not even then. From a scientific standpoint, it could be said that reincarnation is true in as much as the atoms that make up our bodies have not always been a part of us, nor will they always be. The same matter that makes up your body was stardust. The skin cells you shed every moment become dust. The cycle never ends.

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