“No” Means “No”. How is That Misunderstood by Men?

20 Jun

When a woman says NO, she fucking means NO. How hard is that to understand?

Him: Hello. How are you ??? Thinking of you. Hope your day went well

Me: I’m good. Thanks. Hope you are too. Haven’t been around much, and not for very long or often. Hope you have a good night. ^_^

Him: You too. Thinking of you

Me: Thanks. I haven’t been feeling like talking to people lately. It’s all relative. I’m good. You’re good. Things are cool. Take care. ^_^

Him: I am here if you want to vent

Me: Thanks. But nah. I don’t really like to talk. I do when I get mad, but after that, I just think. So it’s my quiet time to think. Have a good night! ^_^

Him: You too thinking of you. Will you talk tomorrow ???

Me: Can’t say. Probably not. I don’t talk very much anymore.

Him: May i ask why not

Me: I don’t feel like talking to anyone. I don’t understand what’s so hard about that to understand. I want time to myself. I’m talking now, am I not? It’s about to aggravate me though. Maybe we should all just move on. Separate. Leave. Move on with our lives.

I think you think there’s something here that there’s not and I’m sorry if you feel some kind of way about me because I don’t have those kinds of feelings about you or anyone else.

I’m not even a halfway decent friend. And I will never be with anyone. So you should really just give up with the being cute and nice and considerate and move on. Go find yourself a great girl who lives in your neighborhood. Go date or something. Have fun.

Him: Why cant we be friends ??? I fail to see the harm in that and no i dont have feelings for you. I am not falling in love with you or any other emotion. Just want your friendship

Me: Because I don’t talk to you or anyone. That’s not friendship. You deserve and need people who will be friends, social people and not someone who only cares to say something once in a blue moon.

Him: You are a great friend. You are beautiful and intelligent and i enjoy our time together. What is so wrong with that

Me: We DON’T have any time together. I want you to know that. I don’t even spend time with my family and I live with them. Let alone people I don’t know very well. I just think that you really need friends who will actually be around and say more than two sentences to.

Him: We talk when i text.

Me: I reply with one sentence or a few….never this long. I don’t have the time, or patience, or ability to deal with others right now or at any moment in the near or foreseeable future. That’s not talking.

Him: I have already lost alot. Dont make me lose you too

Me: You can’t lose something you never had. And trust me, this isn’t going nowhere so it’s best if we just let go right now because there are many, many wonderful things waiting for you and you should never let anyone hold you back. I’m not good. And I will never be. And I will never meet you or anyone I know and met over the internet.

Him: Did not get that

Me: You’re making excuses and compromising. You’ve lost a lot. I’m sorry about that. Suck it up and keep moving. Life doesn’t end. I mean nothing to no one and I want to remain that way. Just let go and move on. No more texts. No more “thinking of you”. Let go. Move on with your life.

Him: Where is all this coming from

Me: Because we NEVER talk and I’m not ever going to talk. I don’t lead people on. I hate that. So I want you to let go of me because there was never anything here and you need something/someone/people who will actually participate in your life and let you in theirs.

Him: I wont give up on you.

Me: Why not? I’m not asking you to give up on me. I’m telling you to fucking let me go. Stop with the hopeful bullshit. The more you face reality, you’d realize that all the time you spent wasting on some stupid dream, you could’ve been living your life and being someone, being something. Go live your dreams. Hell, go do for you.

Him: Why are you doing this ??? We are friends we do talk and we do share whats going on. Where is all this coming from ??? You never had a problem with this before.

Me: No, we don’t talk. I’ve avoided you in the most nicest of ways I could from March. But you expect us to be friends. I’m sorry if I misled you that one day we did talk because I get stupid excited about meeting new people. It doesn’t mean that I ever stay in their lives or that they stay in mine.

Him: I wont give up. Bring your worst. We are friends and i never abandon a friend. Your request is denied.

Me: We’re NOT friends.

Him: Ok. I apologize for whoever hurt you but i am not the enemy here

Me: Take care. Stop living your life for pathetic people. Live it for you. YOU make your life worth something. You make it happy. No one else can do it for you.

Him: You are not pathetic. You are intelligent as well as beautiful. And seeing its my life then i choose to keep in contact with you. I never said i hurt you i said i apologize FOR WHOEVER hurt you.

Me: You don’t get it. No one hurt me. I don’t want to be friends with you. Sorry I read what you wrote wrong. It’s frustrating as shit when everything I say is ignored. Goodbye. Good luck.

Him: I am not ignoring you just wanting us to continue in the fashion we have been up till now. Ok. Text you tomorrow.

Me: Fuck. I don’t want to continue anything in any fashion with you. You’re fucking obsessed. Why? What the fuck did I do? I certainly didn’t fuck you so why can’t you understand that I’m saying NO. It’s fucking creepy for you to ignore me saying NO and for you to tell me you’ll still talk to me. I don’t want to talk to you.

Leave me alone. I will never reply back to you. Just let go of whatever fantasy you think this is. I’m tired of saying NO and being ignored. This is what is fucking wrong with men. I am okay. Don’t worry about me. No tomorrow. Goodbye.

Him: Fine whatever walk then i tried and tried but will not take this crap from the likes of you any longer.

Finally! Thank you! Geesh. WTF???

I don’t understand the creepy shitty things I have to deal with from people who…I don’t know what is going on in their heads. I know I’ve been stupid on being too nice with people and tolerating things…but I sure as hell do not have the time, patience, nor ability to deal with bullshit any longer.

Yes, I’m a bitch. I’d rather not have to be pushed to be one.

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