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The End of Supernatural – Until Season 11

Supernatural just came to an end today. Well, I can’t call it an end. It was the season finale, but season 11 will be out sometime in October or so, just in time for me to get back to watching the Walking Dead alongside it. 😀

Now, spoiler alert for everyone who hasn’t seen the finale, although I’m pretty much going to be throwing my thoughts out there. So if you’re a fan and you haven’t seen the last episode, don’t read any more. I warned you.

***SPOILERS–sort of***

The darkness looks pretty much like a whole bunch of demons escaped hell. Crowley would take care of that, except he’s kind of in a conflict with Cast who’s been enchanted by Rowena to kill Crowley. If I remember correctly…since when has an angel blade do more than annoy Crowley? He’s the king of hell. He can’t be killed with one. That’s been proven in an episode sometime way in the past. My guess is that Castiel can’t kill Crowley and Crowley somehow breaks free of Rowena’s spell and heals Cast…although the spell eats them from the inside out, but being that Cast is an angel and his vessel is human, wouldn’t Cast still be okay, but it would be his vessel that is damaged? So will Cast be wearing a new vessel in Season 11? I have no idea so I will have to wait and see.

Crowley, on the other hand, I thought was supposed to kill Rowena because she tried to kill him. I guess he won’t, simply because he has some humanity in him from Sam pumping him up with human blood.

Sam and Dean somehow survives the darkness which doesn’t make it all that terrifying if they can survive black demon tornado winds which doesn’t seep in through the air and heat vents.

Death, I am surprised, is able to die from his own sickle. I remember Death in Chicago in that one episode eating pizza. Now, he did say that he could be killed, but he’d rather not die so he lent the ring to Dean who then later used it to lock Lucifer back in his cage. There’s something about Death dying that will totally upset the balance, I think. How would the reapers be able to complete their jobs when Death is gone? And seeing as how Death in the Supernatural series is supposedly as old as God or something, it would be an interesting 11th season to come.

Rowena would have a part to play since she now possesses the book of the damned, but in all honesty, if the darkness (that primordial evil force which supposedly existed before God in the series) is set lose, then what does it matter for Rowena to even own the book? Evil is there, in a semi quasi flesh, to speak of. So there’s no point for further use of the book of the damned since the darkness escaped its own prison and is set lose upon the world.

That also brings another question into mind: what happens to the rest of the world? Will the whole world be covered in darkness or just that small spot that seems to be rolling right over Sam and Dean? I feel like we’ll hit more meta stories, and see Chuck, who purportedly is supposed to be God, because he’s the only one that can save Sam and Dean. And is Chuck no longer writing the Supernatural stories whether he has them published or not? Last we saw of Chuck was in the 200th episode of Supernatural, at the end of the play where he picked up the ticket to Marie’s interpretation of Supernatural, a musical. Now, back in the days, shows like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, would actually have the cast sing during their musical episode. In Supernatural, it was an all girls school which did a pretty wicked rendition of “Carry on my wayward son”, by Kansas, of which I like to listen to at times. The musical was pretty rocking musical. Back to the story though, Chuck could save Sam and Dean. And if he was still writing, couldn’t he have foreseen the events at least a few hours before they happened and called to give Sam and Dean a head’s up?

Adam, John Winchester’s bastard son (thanks, Game of Thrones, for making the word “bastard” popular), is still locked in the cage fighting Lucifer. He made an appearance during the 200th episode, in a way, maybe preparing fans for a big reveal in season 11. I think because Adam was brought back up, even in passing, he may return to the show. And who knows? Maybe the darkness set Lucifer and Adam, who is the vessel for the archangel Michael, free. It’s not too far fetch, because great darkness couldn’t be without Lucifer. Granted, Lucifer was created after the darkness and was corrupted because of the darkness, the darkness is still pretty much in Lucifer in a way, so why not stick all the darkness together? I have a hard time imaging the darkness to be anything less that absolute space: ever expanding and permeating. I do think season 11 might bring us back to Lucifer and Adam/Michael and how that is going on.

The darkness doesn’t seem to include demons or hell, which is why Crowley didn’t get a power boost when the darkness escaped. Crowley and everything else under him isn’t made by the darkness. The darkness is something altogether new that we shall have to wait and see.

I didn’t expect Dean to kill Sam, being controlled by the mark or not. If the shoes were on the other person, I did expect Sam t o kill Dean, only because Sam has been said to be the evil one from the beginning. He was Lucifer’s vessel, the rebellious younger brother, as Gabriel had put it.

And what about Bobby? Bobby makes an appearance now and again, like in the episode, Inside Man, where he lets Cast into heaven, or in the musical episode where he’s being played by a girl who does a good impersonation of his word, “idgit”. I’d like to see John Winchester, old John, but I don’t think we’d be seeing any more of him.

Sam and Dean really has no friends and no family now beyond Cast and Crowley. Regardless of their enthusiasm for wanting to kill Crowley, I don’t think they will because Crowley has always helped them, whether that help was later for Crowley’s own gain. Crowley inherently becomes one of the good guys. Sam and Dean has depended on Crowley a lot and as Dean always said, “blood isn’t family, it’s people who has been there for you and will be there for you” (or something to that extent). That’s Crowley. In the beginning seasons, sure, I can see them killing Crowley, but no, not now. Not even Cast will kill Crowley. He’s kind of become the black sheep of their family, the evil one that no one wants to talk about but still goes to for help because he can help them.

With all of that said, I can’t wait to see season 11!

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Judge Robert Holmes Bell – A Corrupt Man Pretending to Be a Just Judge

This comment from Michigan Live’s biography of Judge Robert Holmes Bell says it all.

Feb 14, 2011

During my 35 years in practice, before District Judges,Circuit Judges, Supreme Court Justices, and many Federal Court Judges, Robert Holmes Bell stands out, in my memory of one of the very worst before who I had the displeasure of practicing. He was mean, he was nasty, and had what we attorneys called, “the Black Robe Complex.” In other words, he thought he was God. He was not a listener. He loved to interrupt, and most of the time he didn’t know what he was talking about. I pity the lawyers who still have to appear before him. I’m just thankful I don’t have to any more.

And — he was nothing like Judge Marvin Salmon, whom he claims to have patterned himself after. Judge Salmon was a gentleman and a scholar. Bell was and is neither.”

Janet Marcusse

This is the biography of a corrupt man who wants to be seen as the average good guy who does his best to better the world, or at least, the community he lives in. That’s what Judge Robert Holmes Bell would like everyone to believe.

Judge Robert Holmes Bell is by far one of the worst judges in the Western District of Michigan which engages in gross judicial misconduct and even has the arrogance to tell his defendants that he knows he’s overstepping the Court’s authority, but the defendant can’t claim prejudice because the defendant is clearly guilty, even before the jury’s verdict is given. This is the same judge who changed the jury instructions in #USvsMarcusse 1:04-cr-165 WDMI, so that he could dictate what the jury believed by tying fabricated government exhibits to each count, with the excuse of trying to “focus” the jury on the government’s case…

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New Changes And Judge Robert Holmes Bell Changing the Jury Instructions to Get A Wrongful Conviction

It’s a horrible thing that innocent people are wrongfully incarcerated. I know that some people don’t care and others even think that innocent people behind bars aren’t innocent at all. None of us knows if we would be the next innocent victim of the corrupt justice system to be wrongfully incarcerated. What good will our innocence claims be then when we don’t care enough to help out someone now who is innocent of their wrongful conviction? Please find it in your hearts to sign the petition at Change and help free an innocent woman from her wrongful incarceration.

Janet Marcusse

I have recently acquired a domain in my own name. It will make it easier for people to search for me compared to ipiw which didn’t stand for anything of importance. My new domain is: and I want people to know who I am. I want them to know that I am a real person.

There is currently nothing yet on because I have to create an entirely new website. It will be different from how ipiw looked like. It will be more modern and more interactive. I want to hear from others about their experiences. I want the world to know that inmates are real people. We bleed. We cry. We feel. We have hopes. We have dreams. Some of us are wrongly imprisoned. Most of us are given excessive lengthy sentences. Many of us will never be free. And sadly, some of us die while being incarcerated…

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Casting the First Stone

Everyone loves to judge everyone else for their wrongs and their mistakes. But we have all committed wrongs and mistakes. It doesn’t make anyone feel better to make someone feel much worse. and it doesn’t make that person any kind of better person just because their wrongs and their mistakes aren’t public knowledge. We are all the same. We are all human.

Janet Marcusse

I often receive hate mail. It normally comes in the form of a rejection of my innocence claims by Judge Robert Holmes Bell. Sometimes I receive actual hate mail from people who don’t know me at all, people who say that they wouldn’t blink an eye if I was tortured by waterboarding as a means of obtaining a false confession. I’m often called scum and that’s one of the nicer names I’m called. I’m said to be a “ringleader” in a Ponzi scheme and that I “created fake churches” and somehow “denied taxes existed” or something like that.  There are some people who have heard of me back when my case was going to trial and those people hope that I rot in prison for my alleged crimes. It doesn’t matter to those people whether I was innocent at all or whether I was mistreated and abused. People who send me hate mail often…

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The End of All Things

“It’s been a long time since I’ve held a sword, Charly.”

“Then you shouldn’t keep your sword waiting,” he replied.

Chao shook her head. A sword was the end of all things. A taste of blood required more blood and Chao was no longer the same. She didn’t thirst for blood nor mischievous fun. She was mild in manner and always had been, but without Charly and Demonico to slay by her side, there was no point in slaying at all. A game was only a game when there were players to be playing.

“Do you remember what it was like, that first night?” Charly asked her. “I remembered I took you from that forsaken port town and gave you a life of your own. You held that sword in your hand and it danced with you, slicing elegant patterns in its wake. You were great at the game, even much better than Demonico.”

She ignored the mention of the other. She had seen him recently and had used nonviolent ways to set him free from some sort of entrapment. Surely it wasn’t any of Charly’s fault. Demonico had probably been wandering realms when he was caught. The creatures who caught him were ferocious hunters. It took Chao, Angelus, the second Angelus, Shaar, Six, and Five to take down a single entity. Demonico was trapped underground with a horde of them.

Where was Demonico now? Probably home safe with his wife, Anna.

“I don’t live by the sword anymore,” Chao told him. “I live by kindness and goodness and all the things hoped for that are unseen.”

Charly laughed. Kindness and goodness? What was Chao now, a saint? The thought lingered in his throat as a deep chuckle that he couldn’t resist holding down. “Did you forget what we were?” he asked her. He cocked his head to the side and stared into her deep cherry eyes. She had forgotten, or have tried to forget. It was there, her old self, a fading light like a dying star. He held her upper arms and laid his chin against her left shoulder. “We are the darkness that creeps, silent and still, choking all life in our path. We are the heroes that heroes only dreamed to be like.”

His whispers made her shudder. “You don’t even make sense,” she told him. “You and Demonico may be darkness, but I am not and I will refuse to become that which I once was.”

He lifted his head to look at her and frowned. “You loved the blood.”

She nodded. “I did. I relished it.”

“And not now?”

“I loved it too much. The killing. The torture. The fun. If I started again, I wouldn’t stop.”

“You’re afraid,” he said with a smile, confident that he had found out why she changed. “You’re afraid of who you really are.”

Chao shook her head. “A sword is the end of all things. I’m not afraid for myself or of what I might do. I’m afraid of all the ones in my path and that also means you.”

He bit his tongue and released her. “I’m not in your path,” Charly asserted. “Demonico and I are the closest of your friends. You would not hurt us.”

She reached out and touched his cheek. “You and Demonico are indeed the closest of friends that I have.” She paused. “But I have hurt you both and I will again without regard because that’s my true nature. I hurt worse the ones I love.”

Charly resigned his imploration with a smile. “Then perhaps it is best that you do not wield a sword again.”

“I resist the temptations,” Chao said. “When I give in, I normally sleep it off instead. I’ve been good.”

“So I won’t see you again?” Charly asked. It had been too long and she never came by often enough as it was.

“Oh, you will,” she told him. “It’s hard to resist temptations.”

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Praising and Thanking God In and For All Things

When we deal with our struggles, we sometimes feel alone and we sometimes think we’re alone. We’re not. No matter how hopeless a situation, there is hope. There is one greater than we and one that is in control. And that one is God. He holds every detail of our lives in the palm of His hands. For all the hard things we can’t do on our own, we rely on Him: our Savior, our Lord, our Strength.

Janet Marcusse

I am a God-fearing woman. I am a believer. I am a Christian.

Because of the difficulties of my experiences and of the extreme hardship I am experiencing now, I have forgotten a very important thing that Jesus said in the New Testament. He said, “praise God and thank Him in and for all things”. I’ve been consumed with trying to fight for my freedom, trying to regain a life, trying to have the government be prosecuted for their gross misconduct in my case that I have forgotten to thank God and praise Him for my situation. Some people might think that it’s weird to praise God and to thank Him for sentencing me to 25 years behind bars or to thank Him and praise Him for the physical abuse I’ve endured during my time in the custody of the federal Marshals. Bad experiences makes us question God and His…

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Please Sign My Change.Org Petition for Freedom

Please sign this petition and help free Janet Marcusse from her wrongful incarceration.

Janet Marcusse

Please sign my petition at, pleading for my freedom and for my wrongful conviction to be heard. Thank you.

The petition is here:

Is Justice blind or altogether dead in the United States of America, the country of free men and women, the country that people around the world look up to and dream of coming here to live here and stay here? There is a great injustice in the United States and it is judicial misconduct, that which convicts innocent men and women and sentences them to time stolen that can never be returned. A wrongful conviction is Judicial murder: an innocent sentenced to live out the next 10, 25, or life behind bars for something they didn’t do. Stop judicial misconduct by holding the individuals responsible for wrongful convictions and free the innocent persons that were falsely accused and wrongfully incarcerated.

Meet Janet Marcusse, someone everyone…

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The Dirty Tricks of a Corrupt Justice System

If Judge Robert Holmes Bell had a just case against Janet Marcusse, he wouldn’t have to resort to dirty tricks and tactics. Free Janet from her wrongful incarceration! #Justice4Jan #NoJudicialMisconduct

Janet Marcusse

‘You know why they killed her?’

‘Trying to make it look like it was me. They had my stuff planted all over her house.’

‘First, if you’re a murder suspect, you’re going to be easier to find, and second, to discredit you, in case you ever go public against them’

-Gene Hackman and Will Smith in Enemy of the State

Surprisingly, this isn’t far from the truth. Because the government had no real case against me, they tried dirty tricks and tactics which included, but isn’t limited to:

– Judge Robert Holmes Bell, a most dishonorably crooked man who isn’t worthy of being a Judge governing justice for the Western District of Michigan, stood by in open court while the federal Marshalls bent my fingers back and inflicted physical harm and pain  on me in his presence. His response? “Stand and be quiet until I finish.”


– The federal…

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Why Prisoners Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Eat Shrimp and Other Made Up Nonsense

And we want stricter prison reform laws? Let’s stick some of the people who wants those laws in prison and see how well they like living there. Innocents are in prison right now. It wouldn’t be anything different than putting an innocent person like Janet Marcusse in prison.

Janet Marcusse

People want to claim that prisoners shouldn’t get to eat shrimp or have crabmeat on their commissary because it would be luxury items that they don’t need and don’t deserve. It’s ignorant people who think we’re getting it for free. No. If we did for some miracle, get shrimp in commissary, it would be at least five dollars for a small packet that barely fits in the palm of your hand. And yes, WE, the inmates, pay for our food from commissary.

The food that we don’t pay for that is served to us in the kitchen comes in large boxes marked, “Not For Human Consumption”. Unless the food is black, we can’t throw it away and must cook it and serve it to the 900+ inmates at the facility. If the food is green, we rub more seasoning into it, cook it longer, and still serve it. If it…

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Judicial Misconduct – Why is No One Prosecuting Lying, Cheating, and Thieving Federal Judges and Prosecutors?

The amount of innocent people behind bars and the amount of people given an excessive lengthy sentence is staggering. Judicial Misconduct is huge concern and immunity for Judges and Prosecutors only allow them more of a means to abuse their positions. This is very sad indeed. The people who are given the honor and the privilege of helping others and making sure that Justice isn’t blind are the ones who abuse their power for rewards and kickbacks and most of all, to save face. What good is a crooked Judge? He is nothing more than a bad man.

Janet Marcusse

When common people lie, cheat, and steal, they get sent to prison. When federal Judges and Prosecutors lie, cheat, and steal, they get a pat on the back and a better job. Stop judicial misconduct abuse today. Speak out against the corrupted within the justice system!

Michael Schipper, prosecuting attorney in my case, after lying and fabricating a “Ponzi scheme” and being caught lying about $7.5 million, changed the charge to “Honest Services Fraud”. Federal Judge Robert Holmes Bell changed the jury instructions and their scheme of denying me witnesses and evidence and cross-examination of the government witnesses led the jury to falsely convict me on October 28, 2005. I was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison while Schipper, because of my case, was granted a Judge seat by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

I am still fighting my case from behind bars, even after a decade, because innocent people…

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