The Dirty Tricks of a Corrupt Justice System

06 May

If Judge Robert Holmes Bell had a just case against Janet Marcusse, he wouldn’t have to resort to dirty tricks and tactics. Free Janet from her wrongful incarceration! #Justice4Jan #NoJudicialMisconduct

Janet Marcusse

‘You know why they killed her?’

‘Trying to make it look like it was me. They had my stuff planted all over her house.’

‘First, if you’re a murder suspect, you’re going to be easier to find, and second, to discredit you, in case you ever go public against them’

-Gene Hackman and Will Smith in Enemy of the State

Surprisingly, this isn’t far from the truth. Because the government had no real case against me, they tried dirty tricks and tactics which included, but isn’t limited to:

– Judge Robert Holmes Bell, a most dishonorably crooked man who isn’t worthy of being a Judge governing justice for the Western District of Michigan, stood by in open court while the federal Marshalls bent my fingers back and inflicted physical harm and pain  on me in his presence. His response? “Stand and be quiet until I finish.”


– The federal…

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