Praising and Thanking God In and For All Things

10 May

When we deal with our struggles, we sometimes feel alone and we sometimes think we’re alone. We’re not. No matter how hopeless a situation, there is hope. There is one greater than we and one that is in control. And that one is God. He holds every detail of our lives in the palm of His hands. For all the hard things we can’t do on our own, we rely on Him: our Savior, our Lord, our Strength.

Janet Marcusse

I am a God-fearing woman. I am a believer. I am a Christian.

Because of the difficulties of my experiences and of the extreme hardship I am experiencing now, I have forgotten a very important thing that Jesus said in the New Testament. He said, “praise God and thank Him in and for all things”. I’ve been consumed with trying to fight for my freedom, trying to regain a life, trying to have the government be prosecuted for their gross misconduct in my case that I have forgotten to thank God and praise Him for my situation. Some people might think that it’s weird to praise God and to thank Him for sentencing me to 25 years behind bars or to thank Him and praise Him for the physical abuse I’ve endured during my time in the custody of the federal Marshals. Bad experiences makes us question God and His…

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