Casting the First Stone

14 May

Everyone loves to judge everyone else for their wrongs and their mistakes. But we have all committed wrongs and mistakes. It doesn’t make anyone feel better to make someone feel much worse. and it doesn’t make that person any kind of better person just because their wrongs and their mistakes aren’t public knowledge. We are all the same. We are all human.

Janet Marcusse

I often receive hate mail. It normally comes in the form of a rejection of my innocence claims by Judge Robert Holmes Bell. Sometimes I receive actual hate mail from people who don’t know me at all, people who say that they wouldn’t blink an eye if I was tortured by waterboarding as a means of obtaining a false confession. I’m often called scum and that’s one of the nicer names I’m called. I’m said to be a “ringleader” in a Ponzi scheme and that I “created fake churches” and somehow “denied taxes existed” or something like that.  There are some people who have heard of me back when my case was going to trial and those people hope that I rot in prison for my alleged crimes. It doesn’t matter to those people whether I was innocent at all or whether I was mistreated and abused. People who send me hate mail often…

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