New Changes And Judge Robert Holmes Bell Changing the Jury Instructions to Get A Wrongful Conviction

19 May

It’s a horrible thing that innocent people are wrongfully incarcerated. I know that some people don’t care and others even think that innocent people behind bars aren’t innocent at all. None of us knows if we would be the next innocent victim of the corrupt justice system to be wrongfully incarcerated. What good will our innocence claims be then when we don’t care enough to help out someone now who is innocent of their wrongful conviction? Please find it in your hearts to sign the petition at Change and help free an innocent woman from her wrongful incarceration.

Janet Marcusse

I have recently acquired a domain in my own name. It will make it easier for people to search for me compared to ipiw which didn’t stand for anything of importance. My new domain is: and I want people to know who I am. I want them to know that I am a real person.

There is currently nothing yet on because I have to create an entirely new website. It will be different from how ipiw looked like. It will be more modern and more interactive. I want to hear from others about their experiences. I want the world to know that inmates are real people. We bleed. We cry. We feel. We have hopes. We have dreams. Some of us are wrongly imprisoned. Most of us are given excessive lengthy sentences. Many of us will never be free. And sadly, some of us die while being incarcerated…

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