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Liebster Award Nomination


I’ve been nominated by my awesome friend, Jen Ponce for the Liebster award. The Liebster Award is a way to give blogs more exposure and a greater audience. It’s passed from blogger to blogger and it’s a cool way to find new blogs to follow. So let’s talk a bit about the amazing Jen.

Jennifer Ponce does more than write incredible works of horror (like her fantastic thrillers, The Bazaar and Bug Queen, to name a few). She’s also an advocate for victims of sexual abuse, helping to bring awareness to sexual and domestic violence and even won the Dove’s Prevention Advocate of the Year Award.She’s an avid reader, intense crochet powerhouse, and a wonderful mother and wife while keeping her long tresses in an array of beautiful styles. You can check out her website here:

And now, onward to her ten questions!

1. What do you think about mistakes? Both in your art and in life?

Mistakes are one of those things that happens no matter how careful you are, no matter how many times you have read the same words, trying to thoroughly edit your story. In life, mistakes cause us stress and trouble; mistakes as easy and simple as misunderstanding what someone said or misinterpreting what was said. As a writer and a reader, mistakes are one of those things that can help hinder the reader and have them misunderstand or misinterpret what was said. However, I do believe that mistakes don’t make everything terribly awful in our art or in life. Of course a reader will pick up mistakes while reading a book. Will that reader put down that book because there’s a typo or a creative use that seems insignificant? Of course not. The reader will see the mistake, recognize it for what it is, and continue reading because the book is good. As with life, that’s what we do too. We see mistakes, acknowledge them, and continue moving forward because life is good.

2. Do you play video games and, if so, what’s your favorite? If you don’t play, what types of games do you like?

I most definitely play video games! Favorite game of all time that I could repeatedly play: Breath of Fire III. Other high favorites that I love to play: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 7, and any of the Mario Bros.

3. What kind of character would you be in a horror movie? The screamer? The cool one? The first to get murdered? The bad guy?

I would most definitely be the first one to get murdered. I’m like the most forgetful, trustworthy, idiot there ever was. Yeah, it’s a zombie apocalypse, but I would most likely open the door and leave it open because I’ve forgotten there’s blood-thirsty zombies outside. Luckily, I have an amazing boyfriend who would do anything to keep me alive, until I become a zombie. Then his motives are questionable. *lol*

But really, I would like to think of myself as the bad guy. I’m pretty unconventional in my way of thinking. I’m always yelling about ghost movies and how people who die don’t come back as ghosts to terrorize the ghosts that killed them and are now trying to kill their family, friends, loved ones, etc, etc. I’d be one pissed off super ghost that would chase and torture and torment the ghost or whatever creepy thing killed my character. My train of thought normally goes along the lines of, Yeah, so you want to kill me and everyone I know? That’s cool. But let me tell you what happens after you’ve freed me from the confines of this mortal body. I will chase you, capture you, imprison you, and torture you for all of eternity because that is how much rage I have for you having irrational rage against me and my loved ones for no damn reason at all. Let’s play cat and mouse forever after and you are the mouse. So yeah, I’d like to think of myself as first to die because then, I can prevent all other unnecessary deaths.

4. What are your favorite types of stories?

I love all stories, favoring fantasy most. Give me a good dragon novel or a good coming of age children’s story about a rebellious teen who finds their way in the world by saving a completely different world. I like books with substance, with meanings and lessons to be learned. I don’t care for excessive sex or gore as plot fillers. I like an actual plot and I like seeing character development: how a character changed and grew and overcame.

5. What’s your favorite fairy tale and what makes it so?

I’m pretty obsessed with fairy tales. I’m a huge fan of the Grimm brothers, of Andrew Lang, of even Disney, which has basis in myths, legends, and fairy tales. I don’t think I have a particular favorite, but if I had to choose, it would be a tie between two stories: East of the Sun and West of the Moon and One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes. East of the Sun and West of the Moon tells about a girl who is betrothed to an enchanted bear whom she didn’t trust and betrayed and had to travel on a journey far, far away in order to get him back. One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes is very similar to Cinderella, except that there’s a witch and each girl has one eye, two eyes, and three eyes. It’s such an interesting read that anyone who doesn’t know that story should go Google it and read it. Actually, I’ll link those stories.

6. Do you like books that make you cry or ones that make you laugh and why?

I like both, actually. I laugh and cry so much when I read that to someone viewing far away, I seem mad, but it’s quite refreshing to be so affected by a story that you do cry and you do laugh. If I do either of those things, it means that the author has done an excellent job at immersing me into that storybook world.

7. You’ve just stumbled upon a portal to another world. What would that world be like and what would happen to you there?

Oh, goodness! I don’t know, really. The possibilities are endless! I’d like to think I survive the new world, but I may not. I used to travel worlds, in my mind, and the way I traveled to them was through portals. I imagined all worlds to be very much like our own, in that there are humans whether magic users, shifters, weres, or any number of other humanly human creatures. It would be a similar world with a bit of magic. There has always got to be magic. And I, being the main character that I am, would always find myself rescuing some poisoned king or fighting an army of winged vampire creatures. I would save that world, or the small part I was in, and go on to live there forever because a way home cannot be found.

8. Dragon or unicorn?

I cannot choose! I am in love with both!

9. Would you rather make a lot of money doing what you hate or make a pittance doing what you love?

If I hate something, I wouldn’t be doing it so it would have to be something I love for barely any wage at all.

10. If you ever got arrested, what would it be for?

I’d join Robin Hood’s gang of Merry Men (and Women!) and rob the rich to give to the poor.

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