The Witch is Really a Movie Filled With Child Pornography

01 Apr

The Witch is the new Fifty Shades of Grey. By that, I’m really saying that the movie The Witch is the most pretentious, God-awful piece of crap Hollywood is trying to pass off as an actual film worth watching. The Blair Witch Project was more entertaining by a gazillion miles with kids running around in the woods with a camera. It’s stupidity like this and the salivating ass kissing reviews like this one ( that makes this country full of fucking idiots controlled by popular hype with no substance whatsoever.

Let me spoil the movie The Witch for you. Warning, spoilers below!!!

Nothing fucking happens. Period. And what does happen is so dark and blurry that you’re straining your eyes trying to make out shadows on a black background.

Oh, an an infant gets fondled once you actually realize that a grown naked woman is rubbing her hands over the baby’s stomach, the baby’s legs, and rubbing down between the baby’s legs, but the camera angle is shot so close from the top of the kid’s head looking down to his feet, that it would take you several minutes trying to figure out what the fuck is going on since its shot in complete darkness with some far off campfire flames for lighting. So child pornography is now mainstream thanks to bullshit films like this which prey on how stupid people are in compromising their morals when it comes to entertainment. At least the naked twelve year old was older than INFANT, but we don’t get to see the implications of sexual child abuse when the baby brother enters the witch’s tent and comes out naked.

Now that I think about it, this movie glorifies child pornography and sexual abuse from underage Thomassen to her younger brother who is twelve to her infant brother that was abducted in the blink of an eye, literally the blink of an eye while she plays peek-a-boo with the kid.

You’ve got to wonder about all the people who thinks this movie was so fucking amazing, and you’ve got to wonder about their acceptance of child pornography which seems to be the ONLY theme in this movie. (Thomassen gets naked at the end along with other naked young girls around a campfire who are portrayed as having sex with an invisible being which carries them off into the sky while the sex is going on.)

Seriously, what the fuck, Hollywood?

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