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I Pity the Souls that Darkness Takes

We are mortal men pretending to be gods. A bit of power in our direction, and we suddenly are gods. How far have we fallen that we choose to believe in the darkness and know it’s darkness, than in the light where we can truly see?

I pity the souls that darkness takes,
The silent screams of utter hate.
Those words of false wisdom that fills my ears,
They say, “Listen, listen, listen here!

“Take no heed for this Christian God,
I know he’s false, you retard!
It’s all just lies, this Bible you read,
Why do you continue to believe?

“They step on the freedoms of women everywhere.
No talking in church, no disobeying us men here.
We are men and proud, so let us lead,
You are women, following us is where you’ll be.

“Don’t eat pork. Nothing unclean should touch you.
Follow the Sabbaths. Obey all of God’s rules.
Work six days, and rest on the seventh,
Be good and earn your way into heaven.

“How do you believe in something so false?
Only fools like you are truly lost!
Follow our way, for we are enlightened,
Come with us, have your minds brightened.

“We know because we have seen with our own eyes,
This God of yours is a complete lie.
We have dark magic we’ll share with you,
Listen to us. Listen to the truth.

“We are powerful and we hold this world together,
Keeping out all sorts of nasty creatures.
You do not know of our heavy burden,
Come with us and help us hold up the curtain.

“The veil! The veil! Help us to not let it fall.
Nasty wicked creatures wants to rule us all.
Leave your false Christian roots and forsake the lie,
I am the truth. I am the way. With me, you will never die.”

The darkness lies and blinds all in its shadows,
Making people arrogant and stubborn assholes.
Yet God is great and He forgives,
If people will humble themselves and choose to live.

The end is not yet, but it is near,
All with eyes to see and ears to hear,
Remember the truth that most deny,
God is King and in Christ is our ally.

I pity the souls that darkness takes,
Filled with so much pain and utter hate.
For a love they need that can only be fulfilled,
By God who created them according to His will.

Sad are the broken people with contrite hearts,
Arrogant, bitter, and angry, trying to keep God apart.
We mortal men who desire to be gods on earth,
Remember the tale told from our birth,

He is King alone in Heaven above,
He sent His son to die for us out of love.
So humble yourselves now and ask Him to forgive,
Let Jesus cleanse your sins, and in Him, live.

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