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Splice and Some Other Thoughts

I just finished watching the science fiction film Splice. It was fairly good, although, having wanted to be a scientist ever since I was little (and planning human genome splicing in the wild imaginations of my own mind being both a writer and a curious nerd), I wanted to comment a bit on the science behind the film. But first, here is the link to the Youtube trailer:

Genetic engineering is a field that is reserved only for those with the highest of degrees and honors and all of that groovy awesome stuff. Now, I am not a doctor and I cannot give any sort of medical advice (this is called a disclaimer, by the way–it’s required that I have this in the case of some person running off and trying something I said and then wanting to blame me for their failure).  I am not a physician and cannot recommend any sort of treatment. I am however, an author and a very creative individual so what I say will have to do much less with realism and more with the imagination. So let me finish the disclaimer really quickly. All information written thereon and in this post and on this website in its entirety or in part is based solely and entirely on my opinions and is not a substitute for real medical advice or treatment and is used for entertainment purposes only. If you have a problem or any questions regarding medicine, genetics, genetic engineering, any of the vast subsections categorized under “science” and/or “technology”…wait. Why am I doing this? It’s not like I’m going to teach anyone how to strip specific genes and create monsters. So let’s just move on. ^_^

It’s 2 am. Forget science. I’m sleeping first. Night!

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