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No Need For Little Tenchi!

This is my first fan fiction, thanks to my awesome friend Luke Green who gave me this particular idea. (I don’t even know how one writes fan fiction!)

This piece is based off the characters of Tenchi Muyo and I’m calling it, “No Need for Little Tenchi!” 😀


Tenchi stared up into the blue sky. Nothing stirred. With a sigh, he dutifully tied his shoelaces. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already, Tenchi thought to himself. I wonder how Ayeka is doing.

Ayeka, princess of Jurai, had left earth in haste, vowing never to return. Tenchi didn’t understand why. The day before Ayeka abruptly left was a day Tenchi wouldn’t forget so easily. He remembered it as if it was only yesterday.

“Where are the others?” Ayeka asked as she came in from hanging laundry out on the clothesline in the backyard.

Tenchi glanced up from his studies. “Oh, dad’s still at work and grandpa is at the shrine. Washu made Ryoko and Ryo-ohki take her to some science thing out in space. Kiyone and Mishoshi had something to do at headquarters. Sasami went to the store because we’re getting low on Miso and tempura batter.”

Ayeka paused for a moment. “I guess that leaves only you and me.”

“I guess so,” Tenchi said with a smile. He glanced back down at his school books.

“Um, Tenchi?”

“What is it, Ayeka?” He watched as she fiddled with the hem of her sleeves.

She hesitated. “Have you ever thought about us?” she asked him. “I know I live on Jurai and you here on Earth, but–”

“I have.”

His answer surprised her. “You have?” Ayeka walked closer. She smiled and sat down beside him. “Will you tell me what you thought about us?”

He smiled. “Uh-huh. I sure will.”

Tenchi!” The happy, high pitched wail jolted him out of his day dream. Ryoko appeared beside him and he smiled. “Tenchi! You forgot your lunch. I brought it for you.” She handed him the brown paper bag.

“Thank you, Ryoko.” He finished tying his shoes and got up. “Have a good day, Ryoko, Don’t get into too much trouble.”

She grinned. “Me? Trouble? Never!” She laughed out and he smiled at her laughter. She had came a long way from being the most feared space pirate in the entire galaxy to being almost a decent member of society if not for her mischievous streaks of destruction at times.

“Well, I’ll see you later.”


He turned around to see a big eyed, sad faced Ryoko. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“You forgot,” she said.

He thought about the several things he could’ve forgotten that would’ve made her sad. “Ah, I remember now.” He walked back over to Ryoko and pressed his lips against her cheek in a kiss. “I’ll be home soon.”

With a grin, Ryoko shot up into the air and disappeared. “I’ll be waiting for you,” her voice echoed.

Tenchi turned towards the fields and started walking. It had been an entire year since Ayeka left. Many things had changed in that time. He had married Ryoko.

He spent the time walking to the fields thinking about Ayeka, thinking about their time alone together. Although he was married to Ryoko for about a week now, he had never spent time alone with her. Time alone was impossible in a house full of women from outer space who made things very interesting. Sasami was gone now. She followed Ayeka back to Jurai. Kiyone did all of the cooking as long as Ryoko helped to keep Mihoshi out of the kitchen. Things had returned back to normal since Ayeka and Sasami left, but there was always a part of the family missing without them here.

A shadow fell over Tenchi and he looked up. A Jurai ship! Smoke trailed from the ship as it whizzed through the atmosphere and crashed into the side of a mountain. Tenchi dropped everything and started running towards the crash.


“That was bad driving, princess Sasami,” the ship said. “I’ve lost 40% of my shields.”

“I’m sorry!” Sasami cried out. She was clutching a bundle wrapped in cloth tightly to her chest. “I didn’t know what to do. You’re not my ship.”

“I’m your sister Ayeka’s ship,” came the reply. “It’s okay, princess Sasami. Princess Ayeka will be happy you’re safe.”

Sasami dried her tears on her sleeves and nodded. “I’m going to find her,” Sasami said. “I need to stop here first.”

“Ayeka! Sasami!”

Sasami turned and saw Tenchi on a monitor screen. He was calling for her. “Open the door,” she told the ship. With tears in her eyes, she ran towards the door.

Tenchi spotted a blue haired girl running towards him, her pony tails flying behind her. “Sasami!” Tenchi called out. He opened his arms and she fell into him sobbing.

“It’s okay, Sasami,” he comforted her. “Are you hurt? Is Ayeka still in the ship?”

“What’s all this ruckus?” Ryoko appeared beside Tenchi and saw the ruined ship. Then she glanced at him and saw him hugging Sasami. The little vein in her forehead started throb. Anger filled her, but she noticed something awkward about their hug. “What’cha got there, Sasami?”

“Ryoko!” Sasami instantly left Tenchi and clung on to Ryoko’s waist.

“Whoa! Get it off,” Ryoko told Tenchi. Tenchi laughed.

“She misses you too, Ryoko.”

“Misses me?” It was strange for anyone to miss her. Ryoko smiled that she might’ve been missed by Sasami and gently pushed the crying girl away. “What do you have there, Sasami?”

“Huh?” Sasami looked confused for a moment. Ryoko pointed to the thing she was holding and she looked down. “Oh, this.” Sasami lifted the cloth back to reveal a baby. “This is my baby brother,” she said cheerfully.

“You mean, Misaki had a baby?” Tenchi asked, surprised.

Sasami smiled. “Something like that.” She glanced up at Ryoko. “Here.” She tossed the child up and Ryoko caught him.

“Here? What? Wait! I can’t take a baby!” Ryoko called out. Sasami was already halfway back to the ship.

“I have to save my sister,” Sasami said without looking back. “Ryoko, please take care of my brother.”

“Your sister? Ayeka!” Tenchi got up and ran after Sasami. “What happened to Ayeka?”

“She’s been kidnapped,” Sasami said. She completely ignored Ryoko’s whining in the background. “I’m going to save her.”

“I’m going with you,” Tenchi told her.

“But, Tenchi! Tenchi!” Ryoko called out.

He turned towards her. “If Ayeka is in trouble, we’re going to save her.” Ryoko frowned at his decision. “Take good care of their little brother. We’ll be back home with Ayeka soon.”

“Tenchi…” Ryoko was crying now.

He turned to Sasami. “Let’s go!”

“What do I do with…” Ryoko glanced at the smiling child. When she glanced up, the ship and both Tenchi and Sasami were already gone. “TENCHI!


Ryoko grumbled all the way back to the house. The child laughed at her. “What are you laughing at, brat?” she asked, picking him up by one leg and dangling him in the air. He laughed even more. “I can drop you, but then my Tenchi will be mad at me.” She sighed and threw the child into the air. She grabbed the cloth and spread it out under him, caught him, and wrapped him up again. He giggled and laughed at her. “You like that, huh?” she asked with a softer smile. “I’m not a good mother,” she whispered.

“What do you have there, Ryoko?”

Ryoko looked up to see Washu standing in the doorway waiting for her. “Eeek!” She caught herself and clutched the bundle close to her. “Washu! What are you doing here?”

“I was waiting for you,” Washu said with a smile.

“Wh…why? I can come home whenever I want!”

Washu laughed. “I saw a ship enter our space on my radar,” she said. “It was a Juraian ship. Two aboard and two gone. I’m suspecting one of ours has left and we have kept one of theirs.”

Ryoko hesitated then offered up the bundle. “Sasami gave it to me,” Ryoko said.

“Sasami?” Washu opened the bundle and saw the cute baby inside. “Little Tenchi!” she exclaimed. She pulled the boy out of his bindings and cuddled him close. “You’re so cute!”

“He’s not little Tenchi,” Ryoko told her. “He’s Sasami’s little brother.”

“Oh?” Washu glanced from the child, then to Ryoko, and back to the child again. “I could’ve sworn he has Tenchi’s smile.”


“What’s his name?” Washu asked.

Ryoko shrugged. “Sasami didn’t say.”

“We’ll call him little Tenchi then. Are you hungry, little Tenchi? Yes you are!”

“You’re just like a baby too,” Ryoko snickered.

“What was that, Ryoko? You want to take care of little Tenchi all by yourself? Change his diapers and burp him too?”

“No! I’m good,” Ryoko said quickly.

“That’s what I thought,” Washu said as little Tenchi laughed. “You like that, don’t you. You like that mean space pirate Ryoko.” Little Tenchi laughed some more and Washu glanced over to a slouching Ryoko who suddenly stood straight. “Sasami gave him to you to watch, did she?”

Ryoko nodded.

“Tenchi left to save Ayeka.”

Ryoko nodded again.

“Hm, very interesting.” Washu glaced at the purple hair on little Tenchi’s head.

“What’s interesting, Washu?”

“Here.” Washu shoved the child back in Ryoko’s arm. Ryoko looked him up and down.

“What is it? I don’t see anything.”

“He needs a diaper change,” Washu said.

Ryoko hit the floor. “Diaper change?”

“Yes, change his diaper,” Washu told her. “Then feed him and burp him and bathe him and put him to sleep in Tenchi’s bed.”

“Ugh…” Ryoko groaned. “Can’t you do it, Washu? Please?”

“Nope. Little Tenchi is your responsibility. Now keep him clean and safe.” With that, Washu walked back into the house, leaving Ryoko standing on the porch holding on to little Tenchi.


This is only part one. Here’s the summary: Tenchi and Ayeka finally express their feelings for one another and Ayeka becomes pregnant, but she doesn’t let Tenchi know. She runs off to Jurai and told him she was leaving forever. With Ayeka gone and never returning, Tenchi finally gives in to all of Ryoko’s seductions and marries her. Meanwhile, back on Jurai, Ayeka is kidnapped and Sasami escapes with the child. Returning to earth, she places the child in Ryoko’s safe keeping, telling Ryoko that it’s her brother instead of her nephew. Those were the instructions left to Sasami, that if anything had happened to Ayeka, that she’d bring the child to Ryoko because all feared the great space pirate and her ship, Ryo-ohki. Sasami doesn’t know that the child belongs to Tenchi since the child was thought to have been conceived on Jurai. Tenchi insists on leaving with Sasami to help find Ayeka, ordering Ryoko against her will to take care of the child…16 years later, Tenchi’s son looks exactly like Tenchi but with purple hair and Ayeka’s eyes. Ryoko’s not an idiot. I wonder what kind of mess Tenchi would come home to find. 😀


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